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The Tales of the Tails

March 3, 2019


“Swish & Flick”


More times than often cat owners can have a hard time reading their felines mood swings. Their counterpart canine however, can show signs of excitment and happiness where as felines may be in a sassier mood.  

A cats tail flick is their essential body language as crossing our arms or putting our nose up in the air as humans. Lets break it down to the basic 5 common rail gestures;

Upright Tail Quiver

People like to refer this to as a rattle snake shake, catchy right? Similar to when humans stretch and sometimes that shaking can happen for an extra pleasing effect. This tail quiver means your cat is confident, it feels safe and is excited to see you!

Straight Back Flicker

This will occur if your feline Is irritated, upset or may be getting ready to pounce! Often looks like the quiver, however, these are quickwe flashes! The tail will be extended out, low and flicking back and forth.

The Swish

Another common mistake for the ”Straight Back Flicker” but also has one of the same character traits. The Swish is more of the aggressor and means your cat is feline feisty, get it? If this occurs and you see your critter stocking your feet from the other side of the couch, try using some toys as a decoy. They are true ankle savers!

The Fluff

This usually means your pet feels threatened, mostly seen when another animal may be near! The arched back is a key sign to look for along with the puffed up tail. Felines use this to make themselves look bigger than what they are to throw off their evil nemesis’!

The Twitch

If you ever see your pet looking gazed, maybe looking out a window, it’s usually concentrating on a target(possibly a bird). Or perhaps an interest in something that catches their eye such as rain or even leaves moving. Most cats do not want to be bothered when they are at their peak of interest, however, it usually results in either a nap or play time afterwards. It can be exhausting concentrating that hard!

Cats truly are sassy creatures and are full of surprises! Have a story to share? Send us an email, we would love to read it! 🐾 

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