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The Purrpose of Purring

January 6, 2019




Purrring is the most common thing a cat does, other than meowing. Yet, most of us are unfamiliar with what purring means and how it actually has positive effects on people! 


No one can exactly pin point what each purr means, but, we are able to take a educated guess along with some common sense. Did you know there are good purrs and bad purrs? I KNOW! 



Let's start with those good purrs. 



Your cat is relaxed, minimal tail flutters, eyes closed with quiet yet noticable purring. That noise is a big smile. Depending on the cat in this state some like to be pet and some are a little grumpy if they are woken up from their beauty nap.



It's lunch time! I am not sure about you, but my cat gets extra affectionate when it comes to her being hungry! Researches actually determined it's a total different purr, speaking of which, there is TONS of different types of purring still being researched to this day! Cats tend to purr and show you more interest when it comes to feeding time and they add in a slightly undertoned meow; in which I have come accustomed to being a cat owner and having her for 9 years! Even non-cat owners can tell there are different types of purrs and meows! 



Mamma cats and babies have a special connection through purring. Kittens can purr after a few days of being born! It's said to say that the kittens purr to let the mother cat know where they are and the mother cats purr a soothing lullaby to their kittens. HUH. ADORABLE. 



Healing powers, say whattt? Some people are iffy and a little hesitant to believe these statements. Researchers say that purring has healing powers for both humans and themselves. Have you ever found/had an injured or dying cat and it still purrs? I know, breaks my heart too. BUT, they say even when cat's are hurt it purrs to sooth itself like a baby sucking on a soother, or how humans listen to music to calm down. It's also said to say that the vibrations from the purrs helps speed up wounds, bones, muscle repairs and tendons. That includes humans too, so pet more cats when you're hurt!
Hope you enjoyed this little article and if you have any question feel free to contact us!


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