Catpack Instagram Handle

Catpack Instagram Handle

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! Currently these are the two options we have measurments and proper placing for at the moment, however, if you dont see your style of pack please send us a message and we will be happy to make something that fits for you! It works on fabric as well! Font selections are in the photos, swipe to see!  That being said:  1. If you do not see your pack please send us a message. Once we have figured out your style of pack then you may check out using "other" in the style options. 2. Please use your correct instagram handle under custom text. This will be how your sticker comes out so make sure to double check spelling! 3. Once you get your sticker we recommened carefully placing it as it is super sticky (permenant vinyl) and would be hard to radjust if placed wrong! 4. We also recommend using a clear coat sealant so that minimul wear and tear happens! This gives it a hard glossy finish over the vinyl! You can find this at Michaels, Home Depot or Walmart!5. Enjoy and tag us in your beautiful photos!  ** depending on your length of name, lettering may be smaller the longer your name is, sizing may vary **
  • Sizing

    Hard Shell Catpack:  11"x2"

    Leather: 11"x2"


    **depending on length of handle, sizing may vary**

  • How To

    1. When peeling apart vinyl make sure the lettering stickers to the clear side of tape. If some letting if still sticking to solid side take a flat edge item like a ruler or use your fingers to rub the lettering face down on the clear side. 

    2. Once peeled make sure to align where you want to place the sticker and then when you are ready to place the vinyl. We recommend placing the centre of the vinyl without edges touching first and then work your way outwards to both ends for best results. 

    3. Once sticker is placed we also recommend the sealant spray to finsish! 




    Vinyl is very sticky so be careful during the placement stage! 

  • Custom Text Field

    Please choose one of the numbered font choices displayed in the picture section.

    Then include black or white vinyl and the style of cat backpack that you have. 


    Shellpack, leather, etc. 

    Please feel free to send us a message and ask any questions! 

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