Car Decal

Car Decal


Your pick for pup or kitty! Personally designed by yours truly for all those adventure families out there! Not only are these adorable, they are also durable! They won’t peel or did form in any weather conditions! Please avoid placing sticker on anything other than the windshield, although they can be removed, they can also peel your paint off your vehicle!


Each decal is approximately 12"x2"


INSTRUCTIONS: + find the area you’d like to put the sticker + peel off the back, be careful because it’s permanent vinyl + once you start laying it down there is no going back to fix your position + once on use your hand to go over any bubbles you’ll need to buff out, if you’re happy with it then peel it off and you are set to go!


REMOVAL: + use a heat gun and a razor to lightly peel away vinyl from the glass, use heat gun first to lift sticker + residue removal once sticker is removed to erase the sticky leftovers + last resorts are electric buffers, or take to your local car dealership

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