15 Best 2020 Cat Lover Gifts

It is SO hard to find the purrfect gift for a cat lover that does not involve 500 things they already have, get them something creative and handmade!

Here is my list of favorite items I have either bought or it is on my "to buy" list!

Most of my picks are Canadian based but in general I just want to focus on small business, especially during times like these(COVID-19). Let's help support small!

1. Cat Collars

Let's start with your basic but not so basic first choice pick, COLLARS! I have personally purchased something from Luna Kitty Collars and the photo below is the collar I had chose for my kitty, CC.

Chareese, the owner definitely has an eye for such unique and beautiful handmade collars.

The collars are made out of a vegan leather. They are also break away which is the most preferred collar to purchase for cats.

I can say we are satisfied customers and will indeed be getting another fashionable collar!

** not my cat **

2. The Knitter

I do not know about you but, I am not the best knitter around but I do adore anything cat related. We came across this beautiful ceramic handmade yarn bowls with the silhouette of a cat and fell in love! Robin Badger Pottery on Etsy makes a variety of different items but obviously these caught my eye!

Check out the different styles and colors she has to offer, along with her other handmade creations!

Part Two of "The Knitter"

Stitch Markers

I think the title is self explanatory. For those of you who are just starting to knit or know someone who is, these are super helpful for remembering your stitch counts! PLUS, they in the shape of a cat, how cute?! Yes, I definitely have purchased a couple pouches of these and they are incredibly adorable. If you are a creative crafter I am sure you could use these for many other reasons!

These come in two different sizes, brass or silver and in a pack of 8!

They also provide a help knitting needle chart in their photos to help you out better for deciding which size you may need.

Made by Firefly Notes

3. Badge Tags and Reels

Maybe you are looking for someone who uses a badge reel or clip? Such as a nurse, veterinarian or even a teacher? Confetti Baby has over 500 different styles of handmade tags to choose from, including a variety of cat ones like these:

These meowmiches are too cute!

Or for a sensor of humour ....

"Talk to the butt 'cuz the face ain't listenin"

4. The Recycler/Reuser

I am in LOVE with my lunch bag that is no longer available at La P'tite Trousse (sad face), it has held many snacks of mine thus far. A business that makes snacking/lunch time a lot more adorable every time you open your lunch kit! You might have to order one for friend and one for yourself because you will want one ... or two.

The inside of the bags are made of a ProCare waterproof lining for no mess and it is all 100% eco friendly and reusable!

They also come in two sizes and are machine washable! YES!

Guaranteed to keep your snacks and food tasting fresh!

Part Two of "The Recycler/Reuser"

Bees Wax

Never heard of it? Well it is as it sounds, it is bees wax paper which is also 100% Eco friendly and reusable! You can find these at a variety of places but I like to focus on the small business/handmade group such as Olson Olson Design who creates these cat printed wax squares!

They offer a variety of different prints and sizes to fit whatever you need!

These are great for packing away leftovers, fruit, butter, etc.

Visit their site to find out more about bees wax paper!

5. Miss Suzy Baker

Is your person a total Martha Stuart in the kitchen? You can bet I also bought a few of these bad boys too because who does not enjoy a cat shaped cookie?! You can put a few of these handmade cookie cutters in your cart and be set for a few years!

Make sure that if you do buy these for your friend or whoever, you get some cookies out of it!

Made by Total Doughmination

**not dishwasher friendly**

6. Art/ Print Collector

Does anyone else have a wall of cat art? I know Kitten Lady does, which inspired me to continue to grow my collection! Check out this crazy cool cat droid print inspired by Star Wars! There is a full collection as well as many other cat print posters to choose from!

Great gift for a Star War and cat fan combined!

Made by Nathan Nun's Art Designs

7. Plant Lover

Honestly, Etsy has some of the most AMAZING handmade designers out there. Like Beard Bangs, all things ceramic! Is your wallet almost empty? Because same. This designer makes cat styled jewelry plates, mugs and of course planters like this one!

Does this not spark joy in your heart every time you look at it?

Maybe I would be a better plant carer if I added a little spunk to my graveyard ... I mean plant collection.

8. Winter Accessories

If you are like me and live in Canada where the winter can get a little crazy sometimes then you definitely need these to cover your frosty ears! Cat and Dawg Designs make a variety of knitted creations like these adorable toques, mittens and they even offer matching sets!

Look super cute during those cold seasons rocking those cat mom accessories!

9. Baby Gifts

Here are some cat themed baby ideas you can gift your expecting cat lover friend!

A Rattle

Made by Thoresby Cottage

Baby Onsie

Made by Love Plus Lore

Bib and Clip Set

Made by Jaws Le Chat


Made by The Softies

10. Cat Dad's

We all know it is hard to find stuff for any pet dad's out there, so I did a little digging to find these gems!

A total must have Cat Dad Package!

Made by Shred My Couch

I think every dad enjoys a nice cold beverage. Why not keep it cool with one of these?!

Made by SS Designs

BBQ Apron

Made by Gifted Turtles

Cuff Links

Great for weddings, graduation, fancy night out ...

Made by Hello Sunshine Jo

11. Coasters

I think everyone needs coasters in their homes! They help protect the surface of your glass coffee table, your oak tables, etc. What a better way than to gift them with these handmade coasters!

Made by Coast to Coaster

12. Make Up Lover

Something they will adore is a personalized makeup bag just for them! Keep your paws off my bag!

Personalized Makeup Bag

Made by Amy Lucy Designs

Reusable/Washable Makeup Wipes

Made by Little Birds Garden

13. Memorial

A loss of a pet is a loss of a family member. Why not gift someone who has lost someone close to them something extra special with a customized wool cat. These are handmade and each detail is to make it look exactly like your pet. I have personally ordered a tree topper for Christmas and it is so purrfect!

She also makes other customized gifts for pet lovers, make sure to check her out!

Customized Kitty

Made by Wool Cat

14. Candle Lover

Looking for that pet friendly candle? This is your spot! These dye free soy based candles are pet safe, toxic/lead and phthalate free scented with relaxing aroma's.